About us
Temu is an e-commerce company that connects consumers with millions of merchandise partners, manufacturers and brands with the mission to empower them to live their best lives. Temu is committed to offering the most affordable quality products to enable consumers and providers to fulfill their dreams in an inclusive environment. Temu was founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 2022.
Temu SRC
Temu Security Response Center (Temu SRC) is a vulnerability collection and response system dedicated to protecting the security of Temu users, businesses, and products, as well as fostering collaboration and communication with security experts. We invite every security researcher to report any relevant security vulnerabilities to the Temu SRC and contribute to enhancing the security and integrity of Temu's products. Once a report is received, we will promptly initiate the necessary actions for resolution.
How to report vulnerabilities
If you have found a vulnerability in Temu`s products or services, please report the vulnerability on